VoxelMax is an easy to use Voxel editor for Unity. After you download it from the asset store,
it will firmly integrates into the unity editor, so you can create voxel models without
any additional windows or third party applications.
This unity extension is not just an enhance for the unity editor, but also  a small voxel engine,
it gives you the possibility to build or demolish your models during gameplay.

VoxelMax is also a voxelizer, it is capable to convert 3D models or 2D textures into editable structures.
Since performance is a key factor in game development, it is capable to optimize it’s meshes for low polygon count.

Asset StoreWebDemo | Tutorial video | Readme

Demo for explosions:


One of the newest features of VoxelMax is sprite animation conversion into voxel animation.

Main features:
-Editing voxel structures (Extrude, Delete, Create and Paint voxels)
-Convert texture or model into voxels
-Optimize the mesh for low polygon count
-Undo&Redo Support
-Ingame edit&destruction
-Qubicle importer

If you have questions or feature requests don’t hasitate to contact me.