About me:

I am an experienced software developer specializing in rapid software development
with solid object oriented methodology and with passion for games and game development.
I have an extensive background in full life-cycle of software development processes,
including requirements gathering, designing, coding, testing, debugging and maintenancing.
I also have experience developing Intraweb applications. With a history of developing
and designing internationally used software and with a hobby of game development as well.

In the last seven years I was a contracted software developer of Evonik Industries.
At this company I gained the experience of developing desktop applications with Delphi(2007 to XE4).
Here I got the taste of rapid application development and the common tools to
esign and handle internationally used applications.
I learned the ways of handling, different database types like Microsoft Sql Server or Oracle.
I also had the chance, to experience the usefulness of Intraweb and several other component
packages like cgDevTools, TMSIntraWeb, TeeChart, Flexcell, Devexpress or ADO&DBX connection handling.

Since I have strong affinity to game development I always have some side projects.
And by them I was able to gain experience in other areas of software development.
I have solid understanding of Unity, Android Development, OpenGL-ES, Java, C#.

Hobby Projects:


Puzzle game for Android, Windows Phone and Ouya.

Development Tools:
-Android SDK, Eclipse, Java, OpenGL (Android&Ouya Version)
-Unity 3D (Windows Phone version)



Ultimate Reindeer Adventure

We developed this game for 31st Ludum Dare’s Game Jam.

Development Tools:
-Unity 3D

Iris engine & SpaceGladiators Online(C#, XNA, MonoGame, Xamarin)(2012)

CyberTanks (Android, Ouya)

Kaze engine & Hexadron

Development Tools:
-Android SDK, Eclipse, Java, OpenGL

I was experimenting with Android&OpenGL in 2011, and it was also my Bachelor thesis.

SpaceGladiator (PC, C++, OpenGL) (2006)